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Expanded Audit

An Expanded Audit includes the Standard Audit, plus a cost analysis of the significant electric appliances in your home. This would include washer, dryer, range, dishwasher, water heater, and (1) Heat Pump or (1) A/C unit. Calibrated air‐pressure gauges are used to monitor pressure differences between rooms when the mechanical systems are running. Too much or too little airflow in living spaces throughout the home means compromised comfort levels and can also present serious air quality issues when negative air pressures come into contact with combustion appliances like furnaces and water heaters. A device called a blower‐door is used to de‐pressurize the entire home, which enables the auditor to pinpoint air leaks and, when combined with an infra‐red camera, to identify areas in the building envelope that are thermally deficient, either from a lack of insulation, air leakage, or improper construction detailing. Duct systems are inspected for tightness and effectiveness of the design.

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