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Buyer Home Inspection

I usually explain what a Home inspection is with the analogy of getting physical. We are truly giving the home a physical from top to bottom. I list the areas looked at from the roof, attic, ceiling, walls, foundation, electrical, plumbing, heat & air, door, windows, etc. All the things we can touch and inspect without getting exploratory, owners do get nervous when we start to take things apart. I will explain how the various systems of the home operate and give you information on how to maintain the home. It is a good idea to bring a pad of paper and any questions that you may have to the inspection so I can address your concerns during the on-site walk-through. After the inspection is complete, I will produce a written report that describes the systems and components of the home and reports the defects and repairs that were noted during the inspection. The written report is an enhanced version mandated by the State of Texas Real Estate Commission.

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