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Three Phase New Construction Progress Inspection

We recommend that your inspector be ICC building code certified. Less than 5% of real estate inspectors in Texas are building code certified.

Part 1 - The inspector will visit the property when the foundation is ready to be poured inspecting the foundation forms, beams depths, reinforcement steel or post-tension tendons, associated preparation work, and foundation drainage system. The inspector's deficiencies will be detailed in writing and provided to the client so a copy can be forwarded to the builder.

Part 2 - The building will be inspected before the installation of the insulation. The inspector will inspect the framing, sheathing, roofing materials, and the rough electrical, heating & cooling, and plumbing work. Again, the inspector's findings will be provided to the client so they can be forwarded to the builder.

Part 3 - When the building is completed, the inspector will inspect the exterior, roof, gutters, chimneys, flashings, siding, trim, doors, and site. He will also inspect the finished heating, cooling, electrical, plumbing, and interior systems. This is still not as comprehensive as a full state defined home inspection, which is always recommended at the completion of the home.

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