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Buying or selling a home can be an overwhelming endeavor. The inspection process is meant to give you peace of mind knowing that your home is fit to occupy. Rinehart Real Estate Inspection Service home inspectors have been in business for years. We take pride in delivering thorough inspection services to homebuyers throughout the Temple area. For unparalleled customer care, look no further.

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Thorough House Inspection Estimates

At Rinehart Real Estate Inspection Service, we understand that when it comes to real estate, money is always top of mind. That's why we provide all prospective clients with no-obligation estimates.

Requesting information for your estimate couldn't be easier with our team. All we need from you is a home address, the year it was built, and its approximate size. From there, we can give you an accurate quote for the total cost of the home inspection.

It is also helpful for us to know the type of foundation you have, as some foundational inspections will require more time than others.

Discuss your options with our property inspector today.

Comprehensive Home Inspection Services

When you trust us to inspect your property, you will receive a full survey of your home. Our extensive training and attention to detail allow us to assess your property and locate any potential issues. Over our years in business, we have expanded our offering and developed a workflow that allows us to inspect any residential property efficiently.

Some of the features we will review during the house inspection include:

  • Structure of your building
  • Roof
  • Electrical systems
  • Plumbing
  • Insulation and air barriers
  • Mechanical and ventilation systems
  • Attic space
  • Energy efficiency
  • And more

We aim to provide a complete audit of your building and highlight any areas that need your attention. Whether you are buying or selling, you can count on us for thorough building reports that can be a valuable tool during your negotiation process.

Hire a Building Inspector with a Commitment to Excellence

We are proud to be a home inspection company that provides thorough and trustworthy reports. When we put our stamp of approval on a building, you can be certain that the inspection was completed to the highest order. Our staff goes through extensive training, and we are continually expanding our knowledge to stay on top of industry developments. We use advanced equipment to survey your property, so you can always count on us to find even the smallest of issues with your building.

Outstanding Value on Quality Home Inspections

Not only do our inspection reports provide important information regarding your property, but they are also reasonably priced to ensure they are a worthwhile asset. We strive to be a home inspection company with the utmost integrity, which is why we provide our services at honest and upfront prices. You can count on us to fully inspect your property and supply a detailed report.

Our comprehensive descriptions are also a valuable resource during your negation process. Whether you are buying or selling, we make sure you have all the information you need to guarantee you are making the best deal possible during your real estate exchange. Our home inspections will help you avoid costly repairs down the line.

Efficient Home Inspections and Timely Report Deliveries

Over our years in business, we have refined our home inspection process and developed a working system that allows us to expertly inspect any house. We know exactly what to look for during home inspections, and where hidden issues can typically be found. Depending on the size of your property, most home inspections can be completed on the same day. We work with great efficiency and follow a strict checklist to make sure we finish your inspection in a reasonable time frame.

In addition to our swift inspection process, we also make sure you get your building report shortly after. We make sure you get the information you need promptly and reliably.

The Home Inspection Process

Once we are hired, our building inspector will set up a convenient appointment for the home inspection. The entire process will likely last between 3-4 hours, depending on the size of your property. It is best for our home inspectors to carefully examine the property independently, or accompanied by the real estate agent, to ensure that no small detail is overlooked. We recommend our clients arrive an hour before the end of the inspection to receive the report.

We are committed to the convenience of our clients. That's why we strive to provide same-day reports. For larger properties, however, the final report will be delivered within 48-72 hours.

Clear and Concise Home Inspection Reports

Our comprehensive home inspection reports will usually include:

  • Easy-to-read overview of the condition of the home
  • A checklist of all major home systems
  • Photographs of the property
  • Environmental reports

Our home inspector may also provide a list of maintenance recommendations, life expectancies for certain appliances, and any components or items with imperfections.

Highly Experienced Building Inspectors

Whether you require a pre-purchase inspection or you are looking to sell your current property, home inspections are a necessary part of the real estate process.

With our team having performed over 80,000 home inspections, we can confidently say that our inspectors are highly experienced. We are committed to providing a high level of customer care and exceeding expectations. Our customer satisfaction is completely unmatched by competitors in and around the Temple area.

To ensure that your property is in selling condition, don't settle for anything less than the best. Choose Rinehart Real Estate Inspection Service and put your mind at ease.

Quality Home Inspection Services

Our team is proud of the high-quality home inspection services we provide. You can rest assured that your home is getting the comprehensive inspection it requires. We are committed to delivering our services with a careful eye and full attention to every detail.

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