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Our Inspection Process

Contacting our office is made simple with multiple ways to request information. The essential Information we require when you call to schedule an inspection is the homes address, year built, approximate size. That provides us the information needed to estimate the amount of time required to perform a proper inspection and along with the location for travel time allows us to provide an exact price for the inspection service. A few variables that can add time would be the type of foundation with a crawlspace meaning the home can be elevated off the ground on concrete piers or wooden post with a perimeter beam or just a wooden wall. They can be called pier & beam or some variation of that. Because the floor framing, plumbing, electrical are visible, this area requires a visual inspection as long as an adequate sized opening exist, and the area can be safely entered an additional fee will be added. Most homes in Central Texas built after 1970 were built on a slab foundation resting on the ground. The purpose of the home inspection, whether for selling, buying, or periodic maintenance type of inspection does not alter the inspection process. The client’s name, contact number, email address, along with information for real estate agents, will be collected for sending inspection agreements, billing receipts and reminders. Verification of the method of access, the utility status, and who will be in attendance. For security purposes when the home is occupied with personal belongings, special instructions apply to who can be unescorted in the home. Either the clients are accompanied by their real estate agent, or we request the clients schedule their arrival during the last hour of the inspection. This will allow the inspector to devote 100% of their attention to performing the inspection. When clients are there asking questions distractions happen and things can get missed. Optional items like lawn irrigation, pool, detached building with utilities are not part of the core home inspection and will incur an additional fee to have them added to the inspection.

Once the information is collected, an order is created in our system that will generate an email to the client and their agent. The client’s email will have a link to an “inspection agreement.” It is a writable PDF which briefly explains the scope of the inspection. In the end, there is an opportunity to sign the agreement as verification that all information is correct and agreed to and a button to return the agreement to us. It will automatically notify us when completed.

The inspection is performed. Expect at least 3 to 4 hours to perform the average small home inspection. Larger homes and optional items will add to that timeline.

Most home inspection reports are delivered the same day — larger multifamily projects and commercial buildings are usually provided within 48-72 hours. Saturday inspections are also usually delivered the same day unless the inspector and client agree to the next day.

When the report is delivered, ensure the whole report is reviewed. We utilize the Summary feature at the end of the report that highlights the significant issues found, but less significant issues are also included in the body of the report along with details recorded like water pressure and depth of insulation in the attic — many of these less critical items most clients would still want to be repaired. We go to great lengths to explain the issues we find and include photos for clarification. Depending on the level of understanding, some clients may need further explanation. When more information is needed, call the office to coordinate a call from the inspector. Make repairs and schedule a reinspection if needed.

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