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Builder Inspection

Builders are motivated to hire 3rd party inspectors for a couple of reasons. Many builders market their homes with 10-year warranty policies such as HBW 2-10, Bonded Builders or RWC Home of Texas, and they require code compliance inspections. If the home is built within a municipality that performs building inspections, some of them may be accepted. If the home is built outside the city, then all the inspections are required to be performed by an approved inspector.

Many think that if they build in the unincorporated areas of the state that there is no building code and anybody can do the work. Texas has adopted multiple building codes that are in force anywhere within its borders. New construction still requires licensed plumbers, electricians & HVAC contractors. The scary fact is that in most areas, it’s an honor system of enforcement unless the builder hires an inspector. We provide inspection services in these unincorporated areas that mirror what would be performed in most cities.

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