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Rinehart Real Estate Inspection Service is Killeen’s premier home inspection service. Since opening our doors, we have performed over 80,000 inspections throughout the local area, each benefitting from our diligent approach, professional expertise, and unwavering commitment to our customers. Our inspections are fast, non-invasive, and exceptionally comprehensive, making us the go-to choice for realtors, homeowners, property developers, and more.

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Get Started with an In-Home Consultation

At Rinehart Real Estate Inspection Service, we strive to make the home inspection process as simple, streamlined, and cost-effective for our clients as possible. It’s with that mission in mind that we are proud to offer a no-obligation consultation to each person who comes our way. You can get the advice, guidance, and professional expertise that you need for the best course of action.

We use the consultation as a chance to learn about the clients’ needs and goals for the property. Whether you’re a homebuyer or a home seller, we can provide you with an accurate prognosis so that you know how best to proceed. We’ll give you all the information that you need to make an informed decision on your investment.

We can help with:

  • Homebuyer inspections
  • Home seller inspections
  • Pre-listing home inspections
  • Energy efficiency audits
  • Roof inspections
  • ...and more

Comprehensive, Non-Invasive Home Inspections

Over our many years in the industry, we’ve developed a time-tested inspection process to ensure the most comprehensive findings possible for our clients. Working with meticulous care, precision, and attention to detail, we check for all potential issues that may be compromising a home’s structural integrity or energy efficiency. What’s more, we do it without causing harm or damage to the property. We use non-invasive testing methods to ensure we work discreetly and avoid disrupting our clients.

Our team consists of trained, certified, and experienced home inspectors renowned for their impeccable record of success. Their skill and expertise have not gone unnoticed: It’s earned us the trust of our community, the praise of our peers, and the recognition of countless associations involved in the world of real estate.

Fast, Clear, Dependable Home Inspection Reports

Our home inspections come with a full inspection report outlining our findings. Once we’ve completed our inspection, we’ll shortly thereafter provide you with a complete breakdown of our assessment. Our reports are designed to be easy-to-read and easily accessible, with clear guidance on what can be done to improve the home’s value.

Our inspections focus on giving effective recommendations to alleviate risk, prevent defects, and maximize a home’s durability. It’s a transparent assessment that gives you honest advice on your next best steps. Whether you’re buying, selling, or looking to renovate your home, a report from Rinehart Real Estate Inspection Service will give you the guidance you need to know your best course of action.

In addition to the report, each of our inspections with a free membership to Home Owners Network, which provides 24/7 safety monitoring and access to building experts. Take advantage!

Inspections for Homebuyers

As a full-service real estate inspection team, we cater to individuals from all sides of the housing market––from sellers to developers, and everything in between. One type of client we serve on a regular basis is the homebuyer. We give buyers the peace of mind they need to move forward in the decision-making process. By leaving no stone left unturned, we leave our clients feeling satisfied and deeply informed.

With us by your side, we will make sure every inch of your new or new-to-you home is up to official code—and your own standards, too. We will perform a thorough examination of your home. Some of the following items and systems we inspect include:

  • Ceiling
  • Attic
  • Walls
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Chimney
  • HVAC
  • Roofing
  • And more

It is always important to know exactly what you’re getting into when you purchase a home. With us by your side, you’ll know every inch of the house prior to sale.

Accompany Our Inspectors

We are always willing to make a list of damaged items we come across while we inspect the home. But if you’d like a front-row spot to the inspection process, all you have to do is ask. We more than welcome you to accompany us. We will show you all the issues we’ve come across, the high-quality craftsmanship we discover, and everything in between.

What’s more, we will show you how your home’s many systems function. We will give you helpful tips on how to maintain these systems, and more.

That all sounds quite impressive, doesn’t it? Well, it is nothing more than the standard procedure for us. We know your standards for excellence are high—that is why we set ours even higher.

Pre-Listing Home Inspections

If you are considering selling your home, why not satisfy the curiosities of potential buyers with a richly detailed inspection report? And not just any inspection report, but one courtesy of Killeen’s most sought-after team of inspectors?

When you request our services, your property gets our full, undivided attention. We inspect every system and refer to all the codes mandated by the Texas Real Estate Commission. You’ll know exactly what you’re selling after we’re through with the home. What’s more, you’ll have a clearer picture of how much the property is worth.

Rest assured, all potential buyers will appreciate your diligence. One glance at our inspection report will show them you are a serious homeowner operating under full transparency. With any luck, you’ll finalize your sale quicker than you imagined.

Our Inspectors Work Around Your Schedule

We value our clients. That is why we go great lengths to work around you and your family’s schedules whenever possible. If you’d like to be present for the inspection, we’ll schedule ourselves accordingly. If you’d like us to inspect a property when the home is a little less busy, just let us know. With our easy-to-schedule inspections and unparalleled service, you’ll save yourself time, money, and so much more.

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